Tornano le interviste di SwosIT ed oggi tocca ad un altro campione del panorama internazionale.
Siamo infatti lieti di ospitare sulle nostre pagine Sanek, l'indiscusso maestro del Tiki-Taka.


SwosIT interviews are back!
Today's guest in another international "Big Gun": we are glad to host Sanek, the undisputed Tiki-Taka master.



1. To break the ice, please tell us something about you:

Hello, my name is Marcin Bodio I'm 32years old and I live in Krasnystaw, a small city in the south-east of Poland 

2. How and when did you know about Swos?

In 1995 at my friend’s home, we were trying new football games for his new second-hand amiga 500. We played first Sensible Soccer, and... I have loved it from first sight.

Since I only had C64, I spent a lot of time playing at his apartment...Till late night. Luckily for me it was only 4 meters away from my house; unfortunately for me, I was really poor at Sensi. 2 years later I got my first PC and then it all began.

3. Since when have you been playing Swos online?

I took my first steps in january 2008.

4. How has your playing style changed in the course of time, especially after discovering you could play Swos online?

For the first 10 years I only played PC Swos, never got my own amiga, so in the beginning, I was disappointed by the Amiga version. I couldn’t score and I couldn’t defend, but both on PC and Amiga I played Sweep.

As you can imagine my first steps were like anyone starting to play swos ;-)

When I saw high headers and long-range shots I thought it was magic...Things I had never seen before.

It wasn't easy, as I didn't know anything about scoring on amiga. i tried to play PC's style, but even though I could win low division games, Polish Extraklasa seemed to be impossible to me. Countless defeats from Lobo, Foka, Bobbie, Root...

In 2010, I managed to get to the Amiga Final at SensiDays in Wroclaw, I lost the final  but that motivated me to play more amiga Swos.

In the subsequent years, I did observe my opponents' gamestyle, learning how and where they scored from and how they created their own chances. I spent a lot of time analyzing that.

5. Do you think you could still improve or have you reached your maximum potential?

I hope so, I can still improve a lot, so I don't see any other options. ;-)

Maybe I'll start to do some headers in the future... ;-)

6. Do you admire a Swosser's gamestyle in particular? What would you like to steal from him if you could?

Ali, Blazej and Coolio, the three musketeers. I would definitely steal their heading skills

- Coolio - how many years ago did he reach the level of swos he plays today? He changed this game forever, master of all areas, if only I could use his header combos.   

- Ali -I could use Ali's abilities to score from a distance and defend from attacking headers.

- Blazej - underestimated defence. I really think it is one of the best

- Djowger - World Champion. His great technique makes him one of the best players in this game.

- Playavelli - great control over players

- Marin - Master of finishing and great tackler.

There are a lot of people I admire, who play smart, beautifull games, but these guys are pro. ;)

7. Since both things are at times strictly connected , my questions is: what is your finest memory related to Swos and what is the best match you have ever played in your Swosser's life?

 - WST 2001, Backa Palanka, Serbia. It was my first big SWOS tournament, we only played PC Swos there. quarter-final, 1 game only, ET and then penalties where I lost to Djuki. 

Believe it or not the final score was 15-16!

- 2008, 4 Lubinski turniej - my first tournament in Poland, where I met the Polish Swos team live, There I won the PC Swos tournament and got a bronze medal on Amiga.

- 2010, Reaching the Amiga Final at SensiDays was my biggest archievment. Probably, that was one of the best tournaments I've played so far. Great games with Blazej, Andy, Bobbie and in the final where I lost to Marin.

- 2014, SensiDays Billund, best tournament I have ever participated in, great location, fridge full of beers, 7 hours of sleep in 3 nights, perfection. :) 

My best game: I've played thousands of games, I remember some of them, but I've never felt like one of them was my best. In addition to that, your best games must not be your opponents' best ones for sure, so sometimes even if everything goes smooth, it doesn't exacly mean your game was that great.

One of my most dramatic games was against Andypsilon in Wroclaw. To cut a long story short, they were very close games. First game: I lost 0-2. Second: I was 3-2 up in the 88th minute.

I spent a lot of time in his box looking for the equalizer and at the end I managed to score the 4-2 goal, which gave me 2 more games with Andy. 

8. You are a high-level player, but you must have experienced bitter disappointment yourself...

Sure but it gets me to work more, and makes me stronger.

9. What prompts you to keep on playing Swos and what - in your opinion - makes the game still attractive after more than 20 years from its first release?

Simply, It's the best game ever, after 20 years it's still magic, you can do whatever you imagine. I could say that it's even harder with time, the longer you play, the more complex it gets.
Apart from the game, the people I've met both online and offline. We have known each other for so many years, we are lucky to have such a great Swos society. Every year we meet at SensiDays and it's an unforgettable time. 
Of course everybody dreams about winning SensiDays, it's also one of the key motivators to get better and play more every year. 

10. And finally, please give a suggestion to the new prospects who are about to debut in our online Swos competitions.

Don't worry about losses, try to find out your own gamestyle. Always play to win, but enjoy every game.

Thank you for your invitation, it was a big pleasure :) 



-1 #1 Kanu 2014-12-16 12:28
Blazej is the only Polish guy playing in a creative way. And I'm proud of having helped him in improving his skills when he was a beginner.

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