Oggi è il turno di un altro campione internazionale di Swos; non solo è uno dei giocatori più tecnici di sempre (i suoi colpi di testa in sequenza hanno fatto scuola), ma è anche la persona che dobbiamo ringraziare se possiamo giocare a Swos on-line: benvenuto Redhair!


Today's guest is another international Swos champ.
Not only is he one of the most technical players of all time (his high-header combos developed a following), but also he is the person we have to thank for being able to play Swos online: welcome Redhair!


1. To break the ice, please tell us something about you:

My name is Carsten Rothhaar and I'm 39 years old. 13 years ago I remembered a beautiful Amiga game called Sensible Soccer. I've searched the web for it and in this way I got contact with Michael Jänsch who was trying to gather people for offline tournaments. I liked that idea and as a professional webdesigner I offered my help in creating a new website.

2. How and when did you know about Swos?
In the 90s I was just playing Sensi v1.1 on the Amiga but then I sold my Amiga. Somehow I heard about SWOS but never played it until I bought a new Amiga in 2001 just to finally play it ;)

3. Since when have you been playing Swos online?
Playing the Mega Drive version of Sensi was indeed lots of fun but as an Amiga freak that never could be my satisfaction. So I was searching the web like a mofo for a way to play Amiga online ;)and finally I found a Kaillera version of WinUAE which I was able to adjust to SWOS and that's how we started in 2004. I don't remember my first game though ;)

4. How has your playing style changed in the course of time, especially after discovering you could play Swos online?
I guess my style itself hasn't changed much but by playing online against so many different players I've become more adjustable and so I have been able to improve a lot.

5. Do you think you could still improve or have you reached your maximum potential?
I guess I reached my maximum already years ago as I'm getting old ;)

6. Do you admire a Swosser's gamestyle in particular? What would you like to steal from him if you could?
I would steal the precision of Coolio_Jack and the mindset of Playaveli, both impress me a lot with their creativity as well, something that I really admire. ;)  


7. Since both things are at times strictly connected , my question is: what is your finest memory related to Swos and what is the best match you have ever played in your Swosser's life?
My favorite memories are from Sensible Days 2007. It was so cool to see all my online heroes in real life. Also I had my most exciting matches there against Coolio_Jack. In the 3rd and deciding match with the score 0-0 he got a penalty and my defender a red card but my keeper saved it ;)However, I lost in the extra time. It was amazing though.

8. You are a high-level player, but you must have experienced bitter disappointment yourself...     
Hehe yes, being relegated from ASL1 was hard. Also I have to mention my defeat against Manuel at the Sensible Days 2008 on Amiga. Before the rematch there was some discussion regarding the tactic rule. I wanted to play without tactics in my home game and so we did. I lost anyway :D

9. What prompts you to keep on playing Swos and what - in your opinion - makes the game still attractive after more than 20 years from its first release?
Although I haven't played much for a while, I always bounce back to SWOS because it's still the best football game and I'm really serious about that. The addicting speed and gameplay makes it an iconic game.

10. And finally, please give a suggestion to the new prospects who are about to debut in our online Swos competitions.
New players will experience a whole new level of SWOS as no human plays like a computer and most of them are very experienced. So, don't expect to crush them in your first matches, not even if you are a very talented player. Keep on SWOSin' and don't stop because of bad results due to missing experience. Fun has priority and SWOS is not just a game anyway!



0 #2 Lucaa83 2014-09-15 15:07
Mi piacerebbe sapere Manuel cosa ne pensa... :)
+1 #1 sasy 2014-09-13 12:19
Congratulation Redhair, you great player !

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