Oggi abbiamo un ospite veramente eccezionale: è con noi infatti il bi-campione mondiale di Swos su Amiga nelle edizioni del 2012 e del 2013 dei SensibleDays.
Benvenuto Ali!


We have a truly outstanding guest for today's interview: Below is our talk with the Amiga-Swos twice world champion. He emerged victorious both in 2012 and in 2013 at SensibleDays.
Welcome Ali!



1. To break the ice, please tell us something about you:

 Hello my name is Ali Kartaloglu. I am Turkish (Turkish parents but born in The Netherlands). I live in Almere, Netherlands. I am 29 years old, married and have a daughter. I work at the Amsterdam airport as a cargo handler. 

 2. How and when did you know about Swos?

 I knew the first version of Sensible Soccer the one that came out in 1992. My cousin from Ankara had sent me a copy. A few years later he sent me Sensible World of Soccer. Version '94 / '95, I guess. Here in the Netherlands we never looked for games. Don't know why.. We always got copies from Turkey. 

 3. Since when have you been playing Swos online? 

 So I also didn't know there was a '96/'97 version till I played it online for the first time. I've been playing online on Sensiblesoccer.de since March 2008. First game was vs Ejder-Z. Turkish guy from USA. He taught me how to play online and told my about the ASL and TSL (Turkish league). 

 4. How has your playing style changed in the course of time, especially after discovering you could play Swos online? 

 My style of playing changed quickly of course, because I saw many tricks and techniques I had never seen. I also copied most of the skills from other players and tried to do it better combining them with my own style. Always trying to be more effective. For example, first lesson was the L-Goal of Ejder-Z. Then the Jiggaplaya's ''jigga'', Coolio_Jack's header skills, Lobo's diagonal header, Weis's and Infiltrate's distance shots, The Foka goal, Manuel's curled shot. There were more players I can't remember now. 

 5. Do you think you could still improve or have you reached your maximum potential?

 I don't think so.. Last couple of years I played with the same potency. I also don't play online anymore maybe that's also the reason. 


 6. Do you admire a Swosser's gamestyle in particular? What would you like to steal from him if you could?

 I admire all players. Everyone has something unique. As I said before, I tried everything from others to do the same. 

 7. Since both things are at times strictly connected , my question is: what is your finest memory related to Swos and what is the best match you have ever played in your Swosser's life?

 Hmmm good question...Offline: I remember a tough game vs LIK in Fulda, Sensible Days '09. First game ended 4-4. After LIK was leading 2-0. Second game was 1-0. Against Bobbiebobras I played at my best and scored really class goals in Wroclaw Open 2009, it was a quarter final I guess, with like 30 Polish players behind me. Sensible Days 2012 final vs Marin was also a good game.

Online: My best matches were the games in ASL. That was also the time my SRN was like 3200.  And of course I like playing friendly games vs Coolio_Jack, Playaveli, Blazej or playing diy competitions with them. 

 8. You are a high-level player, but you must have experienced bitter disappointment yourself... 

Offline: Losing the Sensible Days 2014 final against DjowGer because I should have made the triple. And in Wroclaw Open 2009, final vs Marty: I lost the first game 3-1; Second game, I was leading 3-0. I had a chance to score the ''Jigga''. Marty took his hands off his keypad. It looked like he had given up. And me: "Ahh, here comes the 4-0 and it's over. But I missed it...Marty scored in the 80th min. And also in the last min. 3-2. That was a disappointment, it shouldn't have happened. 

 9. What prompts you to keep on playing Swos and what - in your opinion - makes the game still attractive after more than 20 years from its first release?

 Playing online of offline makes it attractive. If there weren't other guys playing, there wouldn't make sense for me to play, or I would play the offline career once in a year. 

 10. And finally, please give a suggestion to the new prospects who are about to debut in our online Swos competitions.

 Fight and never give up and like we always say before the game starts: HF..!

 Thanks for the interview, it was a pleasure to answer these question. 


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