Un altro grandissimo giocatore è nostro gradito ospite sulle pagine di SwosIT: campione mondiale ai SensibleDays del 2011 versione PC, a soli 21 anni è già considerato uno dei più grandi Swosser di sempre: benvenuto Blazej!


Another Swos superstar is our guest on SwosIT: PC-Swos world champion at SensibleDays 2011, at age 21 he is already considered one of the greatest Swossers of all time: welcome Blazej!



1. To break the ice, please tell us something about you:

Hello, my name is Błażej Urbanek, I'm 21 years old and I'm living in Gdańsk, Poland, where I'm studying Automatics and Robotics.


2. How and when did you know about Swos?

I was like 6-7 years old and my 2 brothers (10 and 12 years older than me) were playing swos on an old PC. I guess it was the Amiga version. I started to play the career with Ferencvaros from Hungary (still don't know why) and i remember that i was able to make 10-15 seasons in 1 day (most of them with random results probably, but I always wanted to win every CL, leagues etc without any transfers).


3. Since when have you been playing Swos online?

In 2007 I played some friendly games. After that I had a 5, 6-month break. Then I came back and started playing in the Polish 4th league.


4. How has your playing style changed in the course of time, especially after discovering you could play Swos online?

when I began to play online, I was only playing on the ground with just a few long-range shots. This style was of course too easy to defend for better opponents. Then, after 1-2 months, I saw Coolio's and Playa's goals on youtube and started to copy them, or just started to practice high-headers. I still remember when i was playing 20 ooo games vs Stellozza, Root or Foka, and I won 1-2 of them after header combos. It was enough for me at the time. Following that I was trying to make other header combos, long-range shots etc. Now I'm trying to play according to the situation without a plan, but with some tricks.


5. Do you think you could still improve or have you reached your maximum potential?

Of course everyone can improve because it's SWOS. Everything is possible in this game.


Blazej (in the black shirt) in action at SensibleDays 2013 against the Italian Full.


6. Do you admire a Swosser's gamestyle in particular? What would you like to steal from him if you could?

Well, Coolio is of course in another SWOS league than anyone else. But if i could steal something from other players it would only be Playa's coolness and finishing, and maybe Coolio's accuracy.


7. Since both things are at times strictly connected, my question is: what is your finest memory related to Swos and what is the best match you have ever played in your Swosser's life?

I remember most of my offline KO matches, I'm always watching my games from QF, SF and final after tournaments.
I think my best games were:

Amiga: Lubin 2010, final game vs Cinek. My first offline title.

PC: Of course Sensi days 2011 in Varna, where I beat Marin in the final.


8. You are a high-level player, but you must have experienced bitter disappointment yourself...

It was on Sensi days 2013 in Berlin, where I played against Ali in the Amiga tournament final. I won the header battle and took a 1-0 lead, but few mins later, I was trying to defend with headers and scored an own goal. I should have won the first match but it finished in a 1-1 draw. In the second game, Ali was playing with tactics and beat me 3-0 with a red card in the first half. After a great tournament for me, I totally fucked up the final. 


9. What prompts you to keep on playing Swos and what - in your opinion - makes the game still attractive after more than 20 years from its first release?

As I said in point 5. There are some tricks that i haven't been able to do yet, like a triple standing header.


10. And finally, please give a suggestion to the new prospects who are about to debut in our online Swos competitions.

Try to play creative, using every player on the pitch and don't give up after some huge defeats.



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